5 Pantry Organization Ideas and Tips to Maximize Pantry Space

‘What is in this container?’, ‘Where is the baking powder?’, ‘Oh my God! Where are the spoons?’ This is me half the time in the kitchen. That is when I thought of organizing it and came up with few tips.

Finding ingredients in the kitchen can be so difficult when the pantry is not organized properly. It delays cooking and lunch or dinner time. If the pantry is well organized, finding your favorite spices or the right flour will be very easy, and cooking will be fun at the same time.

Below are a few Pantry Organization Ideas that will make your cooking in the kitchen easy and fun.

5 Smart Pantry Organization Ideas For An Efficient Kitchen

1. Hooks Under Shelves

Hooks under Shelf

Adding hooks under shelves can be a great way to store cups and measuring spoons. Hang the cups on the hooks, so that you don’t have to find them while making your morning tea.

Hanging the utensil in the right place where you need them, like near the stove or microwave. This saves the time we spend in searching for them. Apart from being useful they even make the kitchen look organized.

2. Use Transparent Jars

Transparent Jars

With transparent containers, you can easily identify the items stored in it. Even if you go for labels, you can easily skip reading them.

If you like using identical jars then there won’t be an issue with these transparent jars. You won’t have to go around opening all the jars or read their labels.

3. Use Back Door

Back Door

Credits: sometimesdaily.com

Use the back of the cabinet door to hang a few items. You can also use over the door organizers like a hanging rack to store some of the packed items. You can even use a transparent pocket hanger typically meant for shoes but can be a great way to store some of the ingredients like spices or sprays.

4. Use Baskets and Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Instead of directly keeping the items on the shelf, use a wicker basket. You can store ingredients according to the categories like baking, snacks, chocolates, etc. Baskets can be mounted on each other. In this way, you can use the storage space of the shelf in a better way.

Lazy Susan can make accessing things in the cabinet or shelf easier. It increases the available shelf space and you can just spin it to find the required items.

5. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves

Shelves can play a great part in increasing the storage space. Add floating shelves on the side of the cabinet or above the sink. And use them to keep some utensils or ingredients that you use frequently.

A better way to use the shelves is to make tiers on them. You can keep your sauces and spices bottle there. This will make it easier for you to take them out.

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