5 Walk In Closet Organization Ideas – How to Organize Your Closet

Having a walk-in closet is like a dream come true. Right? But this dream brings along problem with it.

Are you still out of storage space even though you have a walk-in closet? Don’t know where you hang your extra clothes or where to keep your jewelry? Trust me, I can completely understand your problem.

Even though I have a walk-in closet, there was a time where my clothes were lying on the chair, a few of my new dresses were out of sight so they were never worn. And at times when I had to go out on short notice, I could not find my earrings!

That is when I realized that it was high time and I need to re-organize my closet. So, here are a few Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas that helped me get my closet on track.

5 Walk In Closet Organization Ideas and Tricks

1. Customized Closet System

Closet System

Credits: dantescatalogs.com

Having a closet system allows you to select a customized drawer, shelves, and cloth rod. These customized drawers can be used to store your accessories, socks, bras, underwear, and belts.

Few of the shelves can be used to stack up your clothes or baskets, while others can be used to keep your footwear. You can even dedicate one side of the shelf for your shoes. Cloth Rod can be used to hang your dresses and coats. The closet system is even easy to install.

2. Wire Frame Shelves

Wireframe Shelf

Wire Frame Shelves increase the storage space in your closet. They even let your clothes to breathe. Fold your frequently used clothes neatly and stack them on these wired shelves.

In case you have a wallpaper in your closet, wired frame shelves are easy to customize. These shelves allow you to sort your clothes and find them easily. Thus, it is very important to have at least one wireframe shelf in your closet.

3. Maximize Height

Maximize height

Try to use each and every space available in your walk-in closet. The most common mistake we make is we either leave the bottoms or the top empty. Install double-rod in your closet shelf.

In this manner, you can have two sections to hang your clothes which will also utilize the complete space given for hangings. The top of these shelves can be used to store some of the shoes which you won’t be wearing this season.

4. Use Basket and Boxes


Baskets and Boxes

Credits: http://tomekw.info


Use baskets and boxes to store some of your clothes and towels. You can even roll up your towels, as they require less space than stacking them.

Baskets and Boxes can be used to sort your clothes by category. They can even be stacked up without jumbling the clothes.

5. Wall for Jewelry

Jewelry Wall

Credits: somethinglikethatdesigns.com

Dedicate a small space on the wall for your jewelry instead of putting them in a box. You might put your necklaces and earrings in a common box dedicated for jewelry, but the next time to go to take it out you will either find them all jumbled up or lost somewhere in the mess.

So, a small wall dedicated only for jewelry will help you find and use them easily. They can even act as a decoration for your closet. If you don’t want them hanging use a small jewelry closet installed behind your mirror.

Lastly, use a nice wallpaper, a small stool and a big mirror to complete your closet.

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