Decluttering Your Home Checklist – How To Get Organized Before Move

So, are you planning to move? Then you must start packing instantly. Because it’s never too soon to start preparing. Moving can be very stressful as you have to gather all your things and then shift somewhere else and start new.

If delayed, you would end up messing things around and then it would be very difficult to make a new start at your new home. Thus, it is important to start basic planning and preparation for moving.

The first and foremost step that you should do before moving is Decluttering Your Home. Rather than just throwing everything in boxes and taking them to your new home, just take those things with you which are important.

When life is giving you a chance to make a fresh start, how about starting with a clean slate.


How To Get Organized Before Move

So let’s start decluttering your home before moving.

1. Planning

The first step to anything must be planning. Note down the day of moving and how much time is left. Check out the new house properly and see how much space is going to be available. Remember the excitement of moving to a new house comes with many responsibilities.

Make a detailed list of the items that you truly require. Plan a schedule of where and when you will start preparing. Do not forget the transportation cost and the number of boxes that you will require to do the packing.

Make sure that you give enough time for packing every day. Make a checklist, schedule, and stick it somewhere in the house. It’s time to get into action.

2. Storage Spaces then Rooms

Start with the storage spaces. Storage places are the messiest ones (at least in our case). We usually tend to keep stuff that we rarely use in the storage spaces. And remember that the basic rule of decluttering is to get rid of the items which are seldom used.

So, if you start with the storage spaces you will end up with most of the work done and you will also have enough space to keep your packed boxes. Hence, start with the basement, garage, and attic.

Once you are done with the storage spaces move to the rooms. Declutter one room at a time. This won’t create any further mess and it will also be easy to pack things in the box.

3. Five Boxes

Use 5 Box trick regardless of the room you are decluttering. Keep 5 boxes and label them.

  • Box 1: Thrash
  • Box 2: Donate
  • Box 3: Gift
  • Box 4: Sell
  • Box 5: Keep

Sort the things in the box, this will make moving easier. This trick will easily help you understand what all the items you require and what you can give up.

4. Things to avoid

Make a list of items that you should be avoiding while packing. Try to avoid torn or old clothes which you don’t wear anymore. If the item is broken then you must put it in trash box. If you have duplicate items or books that you don’t read, either sell it or donate it.

There is no point in thinking that you may require these items in the future. If you haven’t used something for months then you don’t need them.

5. Be Consistent

It is very important to be consistent.  We normally tend to skip our schedule after a day or so. But this won’t be helpful if you are decluttering before moving.

Maintain your focus and keep yourself motivated. Because when we take our old stuff out we get nostalgic and end up keeping those stuff or wasting our time.

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