How To Organize Your Home: 5 Tips Everyone Must Know

A clean and organized home is a happy home

I know cleaning your house can be boring and difficult but it’s something you have to do. It also takes a substantial amount of time and efforts. One of the ways to avoid your time and efforts in the future is to organize your house.

Organize your house once and you will be saved from a lifetime of excess efforts. I know I exaggerated a bit here but trust me organizing makes cleaning easier and house more beautiful.

If you are interested in deep and complete room organizing then read the post on organization ideas for Bedrooms, Closet, and Pantry. Here I would share with you some of the tips on How To Organize Your Home.

5 Organizing Tips To Keep Your House Neat and Tidy

1. Purge Things

Purge Things

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The first and the foremost thing that you should do is take everything out. I know this may sound crazy but it will help you know what all things you have and what was out of your sights because of the mess.

Then sort the things and check for stuff that you don’t need or is broken or you haven’t used for a very long time. It’s time to be hard on yourself and get rid of those things. They just take up space and create a mess.

One you purge things that you do not require, you have a clean slate before you and its time to put everything back but in a sorted and organized way and that is our next tip.

2. Sort and Label

Sort and Label

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Sort items into categories. Putting similar items together can make it easier for you to access them in the future. For instance, if you decide to bake today, you won’t have to go running around in the kitchen to gather all the requirements if all your stuff was placed together. You just have to take them out from a single place.

Once you have sorted them, use labels so that it becomes easy to find and determine what item is where. If you are using some identical opaque containers to store the items then you will end up opening almost all the containers before landing on the right one. The same goes with the drawers.

So, it’s better to sort and label.

3. Install Shelves

Install shelves

Installing shelves is a great approach to increase your storage space. A great benefit of using shelves is that you can use all the vertical spaces. You can use a fixed, floating, adjustable or wired shelf based on your choice. Corners are a great place to install shelves.

Be it in your closet or pantry, bedroom or living room, shelves make storing things easy and even gives an elegant look to your room. You can show off your books, awards, shoes on the shelf. It can make things handy in the kitchen.

4. Use Boxes and Trays

Boxes and Trays

Instead of just throwing everything around why not put them together in a tray. Use a tray to keep your clutter together. A tray can be used to keep coasters, mints, toothpicks on your dining table. A tray can also be used to keep your keys, remote, and pens in the living room.

Take a box, put your junk in it, label the box and you are good to go. Use boxes to store your cereals, packed snacks in your kitchen. You can store your laundry and cleaning essentials in the box below the sink. Boxes can go on top of one other without jumbling up your clothes, so a great way to keep your t-shirts or socks.

5. Make Everything Accessible


Last but not the least, keep everything accessible. Keep the pans and spoons near the stove, cleaning essentials near the sink, and so on. Use tired shelves as you can easily spot things and there won’t be a thing left unnoticed.

Make a habit to put back the things in the right place. If you keep everything organized then you won’t have to spend much time on tidying up in the near future.

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